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Category: Videos

The Alignment Makeover

Sara Colquhoun is a Pilates teacher on a mission…to get you moving more efficiently and functionally! Her new blog series takes a closer look at your joints from the ground and up, giving you the tools to make your every move a better one.

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Better Posture = Better Everything!

A reminder of all of the benefits of better posture: less strain on our system, better balance in the muscles that support the spine and the joints, better efficiency, less fatigue, less strain of muscles, better circulation, better physical appearance and best of all, MORE CONFIDENCE! With all of these benefits, what’s not to like about sitting, standing and moving with better posture?

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Finding Your Inner Core

Looking to reconnect (or connect) with your deepest muscles? Zayna Gold’s Half Roll-Back variations—one on the mat, another on the Reformer—will help get you there. About Healing with Pilates, from Zayna: I’m so pleased to be introducing Healing with Pilates on the Pilates Style blog. This is a passion for me because I’ve experienced the healing […]

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Reform Your Routine

Courtney Miller gets creative on the Reformer for this exclusive video blog for In her first installment, she uses the resistance band to both challenge and support the body in a series that includes supine, kneeling and standing work.

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Healing in the Hospital

Laura Browning Grant opens up about some of the challenges she’s facing on a daily basis, helping further her husband Jonny’s rehab journey from a serious car accident, and how the Pilates method can help heal in more ways than one.

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Healing with Pilates: Starting with the Psoas

Zayna Gold brings you therapeutic movement on and off the apparatus. Join her for an amazing psoas stretch that just about anyone on the planet can benefit from!

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Big Twist

When we were soliciting videos for #marchmatness2017, Amy Taylor Alpers, the co-owner/cofounder of The Pilates Center in Boulder, sent us this video of Big Twist. Although it’s not one of the 34 mat exercises, it’s one you shouldn’t overlook—here’s why.

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