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Category: Kathryn Ross-Nash

Kathryn is a 26-year veteran of the Pilates method and owner of American Body Tech, Inc. She has studied with many first-generation teachers and teaches First Generation Pilates. Kathryn is the only woman to appear in both Romana Kryzanowska’s Mat and Legacy DVDs and is regarded as one of the leading instructors in the world on the original work.

Walk the Walk: How to Keep Your Practice Fresh

MOTIVATE AND MOVE: Teachers, it’s time to walk the walk! Kathryn Ross-Nash shares her favorite ways to keep your personal practice fresh.

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Motivate and Move

Kathryn Ross-Nash is all about spreading “positive Pilates power” for her new blog series that explores the teacher-client relationship exclusively for

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Concentration Frees the Mind

at the door

By Kathryn Ross-Nash One of the most valuable offerings of a Pilates workout is the ability to clear your mind, but so many people never take full advantage of this benefit. They enter the studio and bring with them all the things they need to do, the things they have just done and the tremendous […]

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Your Best Foot Forward

By Kathryn Ross-Nash Bunions, fallen arches, curled-up toes, plantar fasciitis and the rest of your foot disorders: watch out, ’cause there’s an old tool in town. It’s called the Foot Corrector, and it has been reforming and refreshing tired, achy feet for decades. The little device that looks like what you might find in a […]

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The Rules of Engagement

By Kathryn Ross-Nash What sets the Pilates method apart from all other types of exercise? Why does the method consistently work for all types of people training at all different levels, with all different needs and from all different walks of life? The movements that are executed are similar to so many other movements used […]

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Putting the work back in your workout

By Kathryn Ross-Nash A while ago I was teaching a group of clients who had been students for many years. Instead of suffering through the Hundred…they looked comfortable. COMFORTABLE IN THE HUNDRED! That’s when I realized that they had gotten so strong that the goal position was no longer enough to challenge them; they would […]

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