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Category: Pilates Blog

Our blog, formerly the Soapbox, lives on here. Meet our bloggers here, and read on below for useful insight for all things Pilates.

NormCore: Be Normal With Your Core

Anula Maiberg gets real—and attempts to uncover some truths—about some of the tough Pilates questions that tend to get overlooked.

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Healing in the Hospital

Laura Browning Grant opens up about some of the challenges she’s facing on a daily basis, helping further her husband Jonny’s rehab journey from a serious car accident, and how the Pilates method can help heal in more ways than one.

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Healing with Pilates: Starting with the Psoas

Zayna Gold brings you therapeutic movement on and off the apparatus. Join her for an amazing psoas stretch that just about anyone on the planet can benefit from!

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Motivate and Move

Kathryn Ross-Nash is all about spreading “positive Pilates power” for her new blog series that explores the teacher-client relationship exclusively for

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Moves of the Month for Driving

By Amy Teter • Photos by Lisa Bailey Rostoen (Fotografix Studios) Clients frequently come into my studio complaining about neck and back pain. Quite often, they are guilty of driving for long periods of time for work or leisure. The good news is that strengthening the core, and in turn, the postural muscles, can help […]

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Prenatal Breath Work with Kristin McGee

The breath, butt and arms are the main areas that I target while working with prenatal clients. I start every prenatal class with three breathing exercises, and Kristin has been doing them diligently, in the studio and at home. Kristin and I hope you find these exercises helpful if you, too, are pregnant. The best part is that you can do this breath work anywhere, anytime!

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Olympic medalist Maggie Voisin is hooked on Pilates

Olympians, like 17-year-old Maggie Voisin, an X Games silver medalist for free skiing, swear by Pilates. “Pilates is just different, and it’s something that anyone can do—you don’t even need to be an athlete. It’s something I’m going do for the rest of my career and life,” says Voisin, who trains at Exhale Pilates in […]

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