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Category: Exercises

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Konnect Like Never Before

Meet the Konnector, the Reformer innovation that connects your arms and legs as they move independently at the same time—and will change the way you work out for good. By Viktor Uygan • Edited by Amanda Altman Movement is my passion, and while Pilates has helped me to fulfill that, I always felt something was […]

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Sweat Band

This flowing workout uses an inexpensive, everyday prop to tone every inch and burn calories in minimal time. Just make sure you have a towel handy… By Kristin McGee • Edited by Amanda Altman As a mother, spokeswoman, teacher, editor and television personality, I’m often traveling from one place to the next, so fitting in […]

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Find Your Center, Center Your Life

Larkin Barnett’s inward centering technique, which can be done anytime, anywhere, requires just your breath and your core to help make you more fully present, face stress head-on, and take control of your body and mind for anything life throws at you.

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Think On Top of the Box

Her ingenious workout using just the Reformer Box will challenge your strength and stability, and thanks to the flowing exercises, your endurance, too. Plus, don’t miss her insights on how two of her mentors, Carola Trier and Ron Fletcher, taught some of the classics.

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Reformed For Life

How’s Wendy Williams doin’? Happy, energetic and fit—and 50 pounds lighter—thanks to Pilates and a healthy lifestyle.

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The New Rules of Spinal Extension

Prepare to have your mind blown—and your body on its way to a truly elastic, strong spine and torso.

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It’s Time for a Pilates Intervention

Your pelvis is rotating back on one side. Your hip bones seem uneven. You have one-sided pain in your back and pelvis. Any (or all) of these sound familiar? Restore proper alignment using this mat
series, which relies on wedges to not only help break the pattern, but give you the tools to live a pain-free life.

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