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Category: Health

All about health and nutrition!

A Practice in Focus


Learn to power off your thoughts to power up your Pilates regimen. You’ll leave the session feeling calm, connected and more energized than ever. By Laura Browning Grant Edited by Amanda Altman Do you ever feel constantly on the go, mentally scattered, or overwhelmed and stressed? As a type-A personality, I feel this way every […]

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Q+A, Ask the Experts: Common Pilates Myths Debunked


Q. Can Pilates really help to lengthen your muscles? A. There is a great deal of myth related to lengthening muscles. In fact, there are bountiful myths when it comes to Pilates in general: practicing it will give you a dancer’s body, long, lean muscles, or even make you grow in height (having done Pilates for 35 years, […]

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Surprising Health Risks


We all know the usual culprits behind diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. But some of the biggest hazards may surprise you. by Stacy Baker Masand You’ve got this healthy-living stuff nailed, right? You don’t smoke, you eat nutritiously (give or take a few indulgences), you’ve done tens of thousands of Hundreds and […]

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Rehab Your Unhealthy Habits


It’s never to late to start living a healthier lifestyle. by Stacy Baker Masand When you were in your teens and 20s, the last thing you were probably concerned with was what your health would be like in a decade or two. You probably lived on pizza and burgers, had a few too many cocktails, […]

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Outsmarting Your Willpower


Understanding nutrition is important, but researcher Brian Wansink, PhD, and author of Slim by Design, believes it’s much more effective to change our eating environment. Here are 25 ways to make your world a little skinnier.  by Anne Marie O’Connor Imagine dropping pounds effortlessly, without worrying about counting calories, thinking about carbs versus fats versus […]

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Finding Your Balance


Has your life become a perpetual juggling act, with professional and personal demands threatening to overwhelm you? Here’s how to keep all the balls in the air—and carve out some time for yourself.  by Beth Johnson A year ago, my life seemed to be spiraling out of control. I worked at a weekly magazine with […]

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The 20-Minute Back Attack


Grab a seat on the Wunda Chair for a toned back, arms, glutes and hamstrings. It’s time to get sexy—posture, that is—back. Workout by Kristen Matthews • Edited by Amanda Altman Calling all Reformer groupies! If you want the full benefits of Pilates, it’s time to equip yourself for success.  “Be open to everything Pilates […]

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