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A Practice in Focus


Learn to power off your thoughts to power up your Pilates regimen. You’ll leave the session feeling calm, connected and more energized than ever. By Laura Browning Grant Edited by Amanda Altman Do you ever feel constantly on the go, mentally scattered, or overwhelmed and stressed? As a type-A personality, I feel this way every […]

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Q+A, Ask the Experts: Common Pilates Myths Debunked


Q. Can Pilates really help to lengthen your muscles? A. There is a great deal of myth related to lengthening muscles. In fact, there are bountiful myths when it comes to Pilates in general: practicing it will give you a dancer’s body, long, lean muscles, or even make you grow in height (having done Pilates for 35 years, […]

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Surprising Health Risks


We all know the usual culprits behind diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. But some of the biggest hazards may surprise you. by Stacy Baker Masand You’ve got this healthy-living stuff nailed, right? You don’t smoke, you eat nutritiously (give or take a few indulgences), you’ve done tens of thousands of Hundreds and […]

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Summer Done Light


Stay on track while you relax outdoors by sneaking in some of the most nutritious everyday ingredients—like blueberries, chickpeas and Greek yogurt—with these care-free, easy-to-make eats and treats from Kelly Pfeiffer’s Superfoods at Every Meal. Recipes and photos by Kelly Pfeiffer Blueberry Creamsicles I don’t know why, but I was always intimidated by the thought […]

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A Tall Order


Better posture means less back pain, more energy and that long, lean look that Pilates is famous for. Take a stand—or a seat—once and for all with these mat moves. Mom will be proud! Workout by Brandon Gamble • Edited by Amanda Altman In today’s society, we often find ourselves doing way too much in […]

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Sealed with a Pilates Kiss


As Pilates students and instructors, we often get wrapped up in advancing in our routines, or wanting to learn new “tricks.” Sure, there are plenty of challenging exercises, but, as one of my mentors and teachers, Bob Liekens, once told me, “You can get an advanced workout from the beginner system.” At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. But now, numerous years, thousands of workouts and hundreds of clients later, I finally get it! And now I get what another one of my mentors, Romana Kryzanowska, would say when Pilates instructors would rave to her about their clients’ ability to perform advanced choreography: “Yes, but can they do the basics?”

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Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs with Crispy Capers


Deviled eggs may seem like a 1950s housewife convention, but the fact is everybody loves them, so you may as well learn how to make them. Whether it’s your first time or you’re already an expert, try this fresh combination of flavors. This recipe features everything that’s good about an egg bagel with smoked salmon […]

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