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Category: Articles

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Master Class


Alan Herdman, one of the industry’s foremost experts, schools you on preparing the body for two of the method’s most challenging moves.

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The First 5


Joe’s beginning movements are all you need for a challenging full-body workout. That and a mat, of course. By Benjamin Degenhardt • Edited by Amanda Altman “How can we have world peace? Not one man in the United Nations can do my first five exercises!” —Joseph H. Pilates (1883–1967) When it comes to finding inspiration […]

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One Wunda Workout


Catapult your body to super-strong with the Wunda Chair. It works wonders for balance, endurance and helping you rock that superhero suit. (Halloween is just around the corner!) Workout by Lili Viola Edited by Amanda Altman As a child of the 70s, I grew up watching and reenacting Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. I wanted […]

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9 Habits Breast Cancer Experts Want you to Know


See what those in the know—from oncologists and breast surgeons to Pilates instructors and survivors—are doing to reduce their risk of this deadly disease. by A.J. Hanley  Ask any group of women about the health problem they fear most, and you’re likely to hear a chorus of “breast cancer!” And who can blame us for […]

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Finding my Powerhouse


Megan Orser, 24, had three major surgeries by the time she was 19. But after discovering Pilates when she was 18, her body is stronger and healthier than she could have ever imagined. By Megan Orser, as told to Beth Johnson I was raised in London, Ontario, with my two younger sisters. My father is […]

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Dancing My Als Off


After being diagnosed with Lou Gherig’s Disease, world-renowned Pilates pioneer Mari Winsor refuses to quit being positive or practicing Pilates. Here, she demonstrates the moves that have kept her on her toes. By Mari Winsor • Edited by Amanda Altman • Modeled with Saul Choza I can still hear Romana’s words echo in the back of […]

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Bonus Videos: Elizabeth Larkam’s Fascia in Motion

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.30.45 PM

In the Sept/Oct issue of Pilates Style, industry innovator Elizabeth Larkam shares a series of movements she created to cultivate the body’s web of connective tissue, to change the way you move in just about everything you do. Here’s are the videos of Elizabeth performing bonus moves from the workout.

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