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Category: Articles

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NormCore: Be Normal With Your Core

Anula Maiberg gets real—and attempts to uncover some truths—about some of the tough Pilates questions that tend to get overlooked.

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Healing in the Hospital

Laura Browning Grant opens up about some of the challenges she’s facing on a daily basis, helping further her husband Jonny’s rehab journey from a serious car accident, and how the Pilates method can help heal in more ways than one.

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Motivate and Move

Kathryn Ross-Nash is all about spreading “positive Pilates power” for her new blog series that explores the teacher-client relationship exclusively for

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Retraction of Scapula and Abduction of Elbows

This exercise was taken from “Moves of the Month: for Archery!” in the Pilates Style May/June 2017 issue. By Tamara VanVranken • Photos taken by Ginger Bruner at Impact Archery Las Vegas PROP: none PURPOSE: strengthens the back and deltoids SETUP: Stand with your feet wider than your hips (or sit tall on your sit […]

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Leg Pull Down

Joy Karley helps you get more out of it. (Click on image to enlarge)     Joy Karley, MA, PMA-CPT, holds a master’s degree in biomechanics and athletic training, and a bachelor’s in dance and physical education. Her background also includes extensive training in classical ballet, jazz, tap, Latin and theater dance, as well as […]

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Eat to Beat 100

Emulating the eating habits of the residents of “Blue Zones,” where people enjoy extraordinary longevity, can help you stay healthy at every age. by Stacy Baker Masand

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Fixing 40 and Beyond

For many, the big 4-0, and the new body that comes with it, can be a wakeup call to step the self-care up a notch. Start with this quickie mat series to better your posture, increase core strength and boost shoulder stability, so you can face 50 fearlessly. By Ellen Barrett • Edited by Amanda […]

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