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Category: Articles

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Q+A: Why don’t we wear shoes during Pilates?

Q. Why don’t we wear shoes during Pilates? A. There are several reasons I do not advocate wearing shoes when doing Pilates. The first relates more to tradition than science. I have a similar visceral reaction to seeing teachers or students stepping onto Pilates equipment with shoes as I do when I see dancers entering a […]

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20 Things Your Pilates Teacher Wishes You Knew

Want to get the most out of your sessions? We polled instructors from around the country for their advice. by Anne Marie O’Connor 1 Realize that Pilates is for everyone. “I want my students to know that Pilates is for everyone. It’s for old people, young people, women, men, athletes, nonathletic people, healthy individuals and people […]

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Konnect Like Never Before

Meet the Konnector, the Reformer innovation that connects your arms and legs as they move independently at the same time—and will change the way you work out for good. By Viktor Uygan • Edited by Amanda Altman Movement is my passion, and while Pilates has helped me to fulfill that, I always felt something was […]

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Sweat Band

This flowing workout uses an inexpensive, everyday prop to tone every inch and burn calories in minimal time. Just make sure you have a towel handy… By Kristin McGee • Edited by Amanda Altman As a mother, spokeswoman, teacher, editor and television personality, I’m often traveling from one place to the next, so fitting in […]

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Anatomy of the Apparatus

You can probably change the springs in your sleep, but have you ever thought about how and why the Reformer actually works? Before you crawl under the Cadillac from embarrassment, you’re not alone, says Regina Arras, a Pilates teacher and an aerospace engineer. But the bad news is that, if you don’t understand the mechanics […]

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Recovering My Body

In 1984, Joanna Connors was the victim of a brutal rape. For the next 25 years, she suppressed the mental and physical trauma. When she discovered Pilates, she regained autonomy of her mind, body and spirit. by Joanna Connors Until it happened to me, I didn’t believe out-of-body stories were true. But on a hot […]

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Find Your Center, Center Your Life

Larkin Barnett’s inward centering technique, which can be done anytime, anywhere, requires just your breath and your core to help make you more fully present, face stress head-on, and take control of your body and mind for anything life throws at you.

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