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Sticking the Landing

Sticking the Landing

Stricken with multiple sclerosis and a string of complications, mom-of-three Gina Lang found healing—and ditched her cane—thanks to Pilates.

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Strength In Numbers


“If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” —Irish philosopher George Berkeley

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12 Surprising Facts About Joseph Pilates


In a new biography, German historian Eva Rincke uncovers incredible, never-before-heard details about Joseph Pilates’ impoverished childhood, love of boxing and correspondence with President John F. Kennedy.

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On A Roll


You’ve undoubtedly spotted them at the studio or gym: Foam rollers have skyrocketed in popularity. Learn how these tools can improve your Pilates practice.

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Find Your Mo-Joe!


The renowned founders of The Pilates Center in Boulder show you how to bring balance to your body—Joseph Pilates’ ultimate goal—with a mat series that will work your fingers all the way to your core.

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Reform Your Regimen


If your workout’s getting a little tired, try these fun, fluid movement combinations that will transform your body in new and challenging ways.

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Meet the Stretch-Eze


Discover newfound connections—and get longer and leaner—with this resistance tool that provides hands-on feedback to beginners and advanced students alike. Eze-y does it! By Kimberly Dye • Modeled by Tatiana Trivellato • Edited by Amanda Altman Using springy resistance was one of Joseph Pilates’ critical prepatory methods for building core strength and body control. While […]

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