By Risa Sheppard

At The Sheppard Method, we use only very technical and sophisticated medical terms in our practice: Hence my primary discipline is called “de-clumping.”

What is de-clumping? Watch yourself in the mirror. Notice the distance between the bottom of your rib cage and your pelvis. Is it clumping together? Do you look like a collapsed telescope? Are you getting shorter by the year, month, week? Does stress and tension literally weigh you down, so you feel like a ton of bricks is on your shoulders?

Obviously, I was being facetious about using technical terms. Most people relate more to everyday language they can understand and relate to. All our teachers at The Sheppard Method are very knowledgeable in anatomy and its terms; and we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively communicate to our clients what their bodies are telling them and how to move properly.

So, how to effectively de-clump and stay that way? First, remember your center! Stand tall and imagine there is a small ball about one inch below your belly button and above your tailbone. Picture laser beams entering your hips from the front and side. They are keeping your hips in balance and stabilized. The center is that place from which all movement flows.

Next, elongate from between your rib cage and pelvis, shoulder blades and tailbone, breast plate and pubic bone. Make your waist as long and lengthened as you can. Keep your navel connected to your spine, your stomach flat, rib cage pulled in, and buttocks very gently squeezed.

Don’t raise your shoulders to help you grow! Grow from your center! Notice how your shoulders press away from your ears and your posture becomes more erect and you walk with confidence. You are now officially de-clumped! Walk and perform all activities from your center and notice how much taller, thinner and de-clumped you are!

September 27, 2011 at 2:50 pm
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