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A Little Breathing Space


There’s usually no good news after a diagnosis of ALS, but Cindi Dunckel, 44, has found a little respite thanks to Pilates.

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ProZone: Men and the Method


Veteran teachers share their strategies for attracting and teaching male clients.

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Learn to Love Your Body!


Loving the skin you’re in has nothing to do with the size of your thighs or the number on the scale. These strategies will help you build a better body image—no calorie counting required!

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Ask the Experts: Understanding Spring Tension


Q. Talk to me about the springs: Is there a general way to know what tension to use?

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The New Rules of Spinal Extension


Prepare to have your mind blown—and your body on its way to a truly elastic, strong spine and torso.

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It’s Time for a Pilates Intervention


Your pelvis is rotating back on one side. Your hip bones seem uneven. You have one-sided pain in your back and pelvis. Any (or all) of these sound familiar? Restore proper alignment using this mat
series, which relies on wedges to not only help break the pattern, but give you the tools to live a pain-free life.

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Roller RX


Reduce inflammation to access your deepest core muscles—and be on your way to a stronger, more balanced you. (Just what “Dr. Pilates” ordered!)

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