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In the Sept/Oct issue of Pilates Style, industry innovator Elizabeth Larkam shares a series of movements she created to cultivate the body’s web of connective tissue, to change the way you move in just about everything you do. Here’s the list of references she used to develop her “Fascia in Motion” routine. Check back soon for videos […]

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It has been a dream of mine for some time to have the opportunity to travel and share my 40 years of Pilates with other people of the world. I was given that opportunity recently, when I was invited to travel to Japan and lead a workshop on one of my favorite topics, special populations. What does special populations mean? Of course, every population is special in its own unique way. But I’m talking about the student who needs more than the quick “get your body in shape for summer.” It’s one group of people who will one day, sooner rather than later, require some sort of extra attention. Perhaps a herniated disc, bad knee, balance issues, shoulder replacement. You know, the stuff 95 percent of people over the age of 30 may complain of. It is that population that has one or more issues that need addressing as they begin their Pilates experience.

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5 Things Every Instructor Wants to Know (But is Afraid to Ask!)

Group performing different exercises

  by Lindsay Lopez I own a Pilates studio, so I spend a LOT of time around Pilates instructors. While my studio is filled with instructors from all different backgrounds and certifications, I find that when it comes to the real things we struggle with, we aren’t very different at all. Similarly, in my work […]

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50-Plus and Fabulously Fit


The secret to staying young? A strong, healthy body. These simple exercises will get you there. Workout by Risa Sheppard • Edited by Amanda Altman According to the U.S. Census, this year, people aged 50 and older now represent 45 percent of our country’s population. An American turns 50 every seven seconds—that’s more than 12,500 […]

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Calling for a New Pilates

by Bob Hannum I’ve noticed over many years as a Pilates instructor, that we often make it hard to learn—harder than it has to be. No big deal, right? Builds character! Well, I’m about to argue that it is a big deal, and that many of our most hallowed Pilates cues are absolutely unnecessary. Sounds […]

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Spirals Are the New Straight


Hold the line! Turns out that twisting is the secret to releasing areas of tension, increasing mobility and feeling great. by Rebekah Rotstein My interest in spirals stems from my first cadaver dissection nearly a decade ago, when I was shocked to discover the nonlinear nature of every structure in the body. From the femur […]

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Complements: Mediation on the Move


You don’t have to stay stationary to reap the benefits of meditation. Learn how a moving practice can pair perfectly with Pilates. by Sharon Liao Kristin McGee has a busy schedule. As a mom and New York City–based Pilates and yoga instructor, she’s often on the go all day. But she still manages to fit […]

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