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Prenatal Breath Work with Kristin McGee


The breath, butt and arms are the main areas that I target while working with prenatal clients. I start every prenatal class with three breathing exercises, and Kristin has been doing them diligently, in the studio and at home. Kristin and I hope you find these exercises helpful if you, too, are pregnant. The best part is that you can do this breath work anywhere, anytime!

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ProZone: Ruling Class


Making mat classes fun, dynamic and effective will help you attract clients and enhance your bottom line.

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Editor’s Letter: I Drank the Kool-Aid

My Pilates Day! That’s me on the right, and Wendy is front and center.

by Bambi Abernathy, Editor-in-Chief As many of you know, the first Saturday in May is Pilates Day, a day created by the Pilates Method Alliance to honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Joseph Pilates. Just like I’ve been doing since Pilates Style became my baby, I got together with fellow Pilates enthusiasts to […]

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Ask the Experts: The Secret to Speedy Results


Behold, the secret for speedy results in the studio.

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Powerhouse: The Seeker


Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle, a veteran teacher of Pilates, yoga and somatic movement and the founder of the Pilates Center of Austin, has devoted her life to redefining core as a whole-being relationship with gravity, ourselves, others and the environment.

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Surviving an Outdoor Workout


Love an outdoor workout? Don’t miss these 4 tips for staying safe in the sun.

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Teaser Core: Teen Spirit


Each summer, Colleen Dachille teaches students with one thing in common: They’re all 11 to 18 years of age. “It started as a class for teen athletes to prevent injuries,” says Dachille, owner of The Pilates Body in Pittsburgh. By popular demand, she expanded it to all fitness levels.

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