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The Saw

“Imagine that your spine is like a barbershop pole—as you inhale and twist, you spiral upward, creating more space and length from head to tail. As you twist, be sure to keep your hips anchored on the mat, and your feet heavy as if you were pressing them against a wall. During the flexion and […]

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The Corkscrew

“Use control rather than momentum to improve neuromuscular proficiency. Imagine that you’re on a beach and want to leave an even and smooth impression behind you in the sand with your spine. Reach through both legs and out the top of your head while rolling your shoulders wide to help open your chest. To modify, […]

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Rocker With Open Legs

“This is an intermediate exercise, but I added a little advanced move in the end. Try not to collapse in the waist as the legs roll over, keep the shoulders relaxed and stay off the neck. For tight hamstrings and back, keep your knees bent throughout, and place your hands either on your ankles as […]

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Spine Stretch

“Gently press down on the ball as you activate your pelvic floor and draw your shoulders down your back. Feel your body sequentially rounding forward and slowly round back up (this is a yummy stretch and extension for the round ligament as well). Take your time and enjoy!” —a pregnant Andrea Speir, who modified the […]

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Double Leg Stretch

“Double-Leg Stretch, as taught to me by Carola Trier, is a wonderful challenge exercise. It’s got it all: coordination of breath, precision of movement, strength and length. Plus, you really have to concentrate in order to perform it correctly!” —Jillian Hessel  

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Rolling Back

“This is a great exercise to help you feel movement fluidly along the spine, sequentially from bottom to top and top to bottom without a ‘break’ in the middle of the body. This helps to create the curve we need to avoid ‘thudding’ onto the mat when we introduce the rolling exercises!” —Julie Driver, who’s […]

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The One Leg Circle

“Single-Leg Circles are important to promote healthy hip joints. I first warm up the hips with a side-to-side leg stretch. Then, a very small circle keeping the movement inside the socket, and finish with a full leg circle and complete range of motion. For all the movements, I keep the opposite hip, leg and foot […]

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