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Healing in the Hospital: Consistency is Key

What would you do if your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury? Laura Browning Grant shares her coping strategies—and why consistency is just as key to rehabbing the brain as it is to progressing your Pilates practice.

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Kneeling Side Kick Series with Magic Circle

Learn to love the Kneeling Side Kick with Zayna Gold’s thoughtful (and funny!) tips and detailed cues throughout this glute-burning series, which uses the Magic Circle for an added challenge. 

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Hashtag Pilates

So, let me break this down. • Being pro “weird” isn’t anti-tradition. • No one is confused. • There’s a thing called “scrolling.” If you haven’t been on Instagram lately—or ever—and you’re faint of heart, I advise you to stay away. A search through #pilates will leave a staunch traditionalist reaching for the smelling salts. […]

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Teaser Core: Back Pain

The amount of people who experienced a significant decrease in lower-back pain after taking an hour-long Pilates class twice a week for a six-week period. The 12 subjects, both male and female, also experienced an increase in core muscle endurance and lumbar flexibility. “Our small-scale found sufficient trends to justify the potential benefits of a […]

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Contemplations by Madeline Black

The teacher of teachers is no stranger to working with moving bodies. Here, she shares her original poetry that delves into the body, beyond the physical, with the intention of bringing you into your own reflective thoughts as you contemplate movement. Behind Your Heart The space between the heart and spine Dark, secret space Unknown […]

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How to Build a Tower Class

The Trap Table is called the “Cadillac” for a reason—it has lots of bells and whistles—but when it comes to group classes, the Wall Tower is the perfect space-saving stand-in. This flowing, full-body workout minimizes equipment-setting changes to maximize the benefits for your clients. Talk about a way to make your studio tower above the rest.

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Before the Hundred

Drawing on Kathy Grant’s teachings for inspiration, Peter Roël instructs you on deconstructing the Pilates vocabulary, to help build more awareness and better posture for each and every client—and lead them to more functional movement in and out of the studio.

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