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Strike a Balance


When Zayna Gold was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, she was forced down a new Pilates path. Here, she shares the moves—and newfound mind-set—that helped her heal both mind and body. By Zayna Gold / Edited by Amanda Altman Can you imagine living in a body that is waging war against itself? This is the nature […]

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Cardio Pilates


Get your heart pumping and metabolism revved with these intense combo movements inspired by boxing-style training. Warning: Stepping into this ring isn’t for the faint of heart. By Eduard Botha • Edited by Amanda Altman As a former boxing gym owner and coach, I was always looking for effective exercises that would complement my Pilates […]

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Where the Heart Is


After experiencing heart failure 15 years ago, Pilates became 38-year-old Heather Meisner’s life support. By Heather Meisner, as told to Beth Johnson Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, I was a really athletic, healthy kid. In high school, I was on two basketball teams and two volleyball teams. Then when I went off to study design […]

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The Immunity-Boosting Diet


by Joanna Powell Have you ever known someone who never seems to gets sick? One of those lucky souls who’s just flat-out bulletproof even when flu fells her family or rages through her workplace? Truth is, it’s not just luck—or even vigilant hand washing—that’s keeping these people virus-free. Evidence is growing that the secret to […]

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Pilates Style Gift Guide 2015


by Amy Schlinger We don’t know about you, but for us, there’s nothing merry about the mall madness come holiday time. There’s enough craziness to deal with during “the season to be jolly”—“fa-la-la” it already! Put your energy into your workouts, something that will help compensate for those pumpkin lattés and latkes, instead of wasting […]

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Master Class


Alan Herdman, one of the industry’s foremost experts, schools you on preparing the body for two of the method’s most challenging moves.

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The First 5


Joe’s beginning movements are all you need for a challenging full-body workout. That and a mat, of course. By Benjamin Degenhardt • Edited by Amanda Altman “How can we have world peace? Not one man in the United Nations can do my first five exercises!” —Joseph H. Pilates (1883–1967) When it comes to finding inspiration […]

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